But all was okayy at 1.31

It was the calm after the storm The reminants of the usual fight, long dated messages of “I don’t want to fight anymore”  Was your I love you’s to pacify me, did they lose meaning in the magnanimous situation?  It’s the long paragraphs of hatred scorn and hurt. Of final despair and pain in the words  They […]

If you loved me 

If you love me  Dont let go  If you love me  Dont let the world hold  If you love me  Stay till its morning  Where I can smell the sunlight  As it streaks down on the floor we used to dance  If you loved me  You would have remembered that  When you loved me  Time […]

R 01✨

R01  Dear past self It’s been more than a year since my first letter to me   You were a different girl  For all the wrong reasons and the right  While everyone was begging for pink, you chose purple A solid black was harsh for you, but grey met your middle  You’re different for all […]


[Part two] I imagine you as sand  I imagine that as sand I’ll pick you up and bask in your warmth, because that’s how it felt like in your arms And I imagined, just like sand, you’ll slip away Through the very same hands that you once held so tight  Away from my grip and out […]

Some things

I told you once, get out of my life I dont need you  I’ll be alright  But some things are better left unsaid  To tell the true  It hit me hard  A broken heart is all I have now  But some things are better left unsaid And I swore that I would never say I […]


Sound is a pressure wave 🌊 Not just physics-wise It’s the sound That brings the stress Its the words That tear one to bits and pieces Its the insults That sends the wave of tears Its the silence That drives the anxiety And paranoia right into the soul But Its the sound Of giggles That […]


A shadow in the cloud Illogical idea and paradox Can the sun be so tardy, casting a shadow on the very thing that illuminates the sky? I guess it’s just an analogy Of how we perceive ourselves to be A master of hidden doubts and secrets That is blatantly obvious to the others Yet to […]


What’s happening to me All that I could ever be Every evening after light Eyes too tired to bid goodnight What’s happening to me As in the evening sun streams I think of thee as moonbeams And fall asleep right where its warm Thinking of you and I’m calm What’s happening to her She’s rolling […]