What’s happening to me
All that I could ever be
Every evening after light
Eyes too tired to bid goodnight

What’s happening to me
As in the evening sun streams
I think of thee as moonbeams
And fall asleep right where its warm
Thinking of you and I’m calm

What’s happening to her
She’s rolling over
And daily she crashes
Leaving a trail and pile of ashes

What happening to life
The lemons they throw- all with force
Carelessly aimed and tossed
Where the heart lies naked and bare
Walked away with not an ounce of care

What’s happening to us
What are we even, at this point?
A round-about carousel
Where the horses go up and down
Over and over again
Repetitive comfort
Repetitive turmoil
Magic in the sun
Slowly leaving and done

Weekdays and weekdays
Over and over again
The same situation
Ultimate persuasion
When will we ever do something about this?

We’re leaving
A pile of ashes in the sun
Dont leave, dont ever run
Till we fix this with our bare hands
For if we burn and crash

We go together,
Two piles of ash



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