All I found🌸


In a room with warm dust
Cooled down by the moonbeams
The door was shut
And back against the door

Tiredlessly breathing
Energetic mind(s)
Worry and fear that the same thing would happen
This time
Last year

Hassle which I found
To lock the door
Which opened a secure space
And grounding a foundation floor

Head against your shoulder
Somewhat partly closer
Hands best unknown
Rather redundant disown

Forbidden time together
Forbidden act alone
Brief yet succinct
Spurred on by Instinct

You stared at the ground
There was a silent noise
I couldn’t bear
To see what was in your eyes

But all I found
In a dusty warm room
Filled with moonbeams of the evening
Was me and you
Hands Clasped so tight


In your eyes


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