The voice unheard💢

Is it Just me?
Or you’re doing that on purpose.
Is it your personality that you assume yourself to be ALWAYS RIGHT
Unopened to different perspectives and ever narrowing eyes when you don’t see eye to eye (literally)

What ho? You’re not always correct?
Join the club! Everyone has membership.
You’re NEVER always correct.
I just wish you learnt that.

Find out what it means to me.
I too have a say in something right?
Why are my commitments something people choose to compromise?
Am I that unimportant?
Another one, respect someone’s choices. I’d like to have my own goals in life left alone if you would please. I don’t need another person telling me I can’t make it, do I?

And even as I made a conscious effort
Feeling guilty as I’m the “problem”
You shortchange, discount, excuse yourself from all the judgement because you voice out your opinion so readily?

I can’t be that easily swayed.
Why I back down, if you ask, is because the WHOLE TOPIC IS SUCH A TRIVIAL MATTER.
Is it that fun to belittle someone?
I don’t know
I have never tried
Never do I want to.
I get that your character really has the adequate knowledge to debate over everything
Let it rest will you?

Over pronunciation of words
Over stance of the church
Over which school will be better FOR ME
Over the small bit of who’s better
In which case, it’ll always be you

You taught me the phrase “to each his own”, yet why’s it so ironical all at once?

Honestly I find no voice when I’m around y’all 😔

I’m sorry I’m not as bright as y’all. I’m sorry I’m not as close-knit as the rest of you all are. I’m sorry if I’m not as fast of a learner as the rest of you. I’m sorry if my community differs from yours, we’re all in the same church praising God. So why does that matter? I hate it when you imply how everything you do has an edge over me. I GET IT I GET IT.

Might it be because we have strayed down different ways? Like we all agreed its inevitable. So why do you expect us. The people whom you guys exclude. The people you guys look down on. The people who are just a speck of dust. Why do you expect us… To change to suit you? And you? And you. And you.

An unharmed daisy in the field yet you trample on us, taking the petals away, 3,2,1.

Why do I type this?
When in the end I’ll probably be a coward
For not saying it to your face
I cant even find the place
To start

It’s pure hard evidence of what I want to say. Every intention typed out is what I want to say. It wont be turned on me, because that’s your own interpretation. And maybe, just maybe, you’d let your voice rest, and listen to someone else’s.

Slowly, slowly, it fades away as just “one of her phases”
While you dominate, opinions of worth
And I remain the voice unheard




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