Everything’s been going past like a whirr
And I’m having fun, as you twirl
Me around and around like a ribbon
All glitter and sparkled
I feel like a gem

You’re the sickening height of the stars above
From the ground
I know you’re there
It’s hard to reach out

If a warm embrace
Is all it ever needed
For me to hide my face
All blushed and weeded
And the pound of every beat
Of a racing heart
It’s not neat
Nor a work of art

I see you out there
All happy and glee
And I wonder sometimes
If I counted to three
Would everything fall apart?
Like a worst case scenario
The pitterpatter of my heart
And headache and conflict
And over thinking

It has to stop
You’re wishful thinking
And I’m still dreaming

But I held on
To that dusty breath of air
It’s stale in me
And its coming out to share

I’m not proud of this I have to say
I once doubted you when another said hey
Don’t you think it’s kinda weird
That maybe the treason
Of his changing seasons
Is because you’re the reason.

And pumped
with anger
At the other
Its because
I realised
He may be right
But who’s he to say

When you’re happy
And you’re miles away
From him

You’re like the stars of heaven
Twinkles and Glimmer
And I’d run up to seven
Before I could wither

The ill thoughts put in me
Because it should be all pure
You’re the sky and to be
A star forever more



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