Guilty pleasure💍


I finally got to watch Once Upon A Time ((guilty pleasureee ughhh)) and wow have I missed out on alot

The thing about Once Upon A Time is how it twists our ordinary childhood stories, and it’s weaved into this great web of power, sacrifice, trust, and most of all….magic

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the show-it’s that everything comes with a price. Or specifically so, “all magic comes with a price” we do learn a substantial amount of lessons from the series alone. How good exists in evil, or in wicked. How in every villain there’s always a past tragic story. And you begin to wonder…. Is our life really like that?

Well low and behold it’s not grandly displayed just like they do on OUAT, but if you watch it((YOU MUST)) it’s practically a sum of life thrown in with lemons and how it may con cox into spoiled lemonade. Can it still be saved? Apparently so.

Good exist in evil. And so does evil in good.

Many of a times I find myself irresistibly glued and I’m glad there are more people finding out abt this beautiful show. I’m really proud to say that I’ve been a Oncer ever since it came out a few years back. Though what really worries me is that It’s getting too trendy now- just like how glee got blown up. With the dawn of a new season, I’d hate to see the show sudden up it’s viewing rates just because the producers decided to ride on Frozen’s popularity. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love frozen.

It’s not a bad move, but Idkk just gets me upset on the prospects of it being something sincerely treasured. Afterall, wouldn’t you want hardcore fans rather than superficial fans? But heyy, if they keep up their amazing mindscrewing act up, why not?

Just a thought here. OUATs one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

Heck, it’s the reason I even started this blog.

To a place we left neverland, now submerged in Oz.

Better get back to my show before the computer battery dies💕😌


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