Keep to it


How ironic it is
When you say something
But you do the other
It’s not really hypocracy
But idk I guess its a thought or so

It’s really really frustrating when you’re tryna keep by your morals but you feel the pressure to go against it

And it urks me how easy it is to give in.

Does it make sense? It does in my head. When it comes around I just wanna slap myself silly-how could I do it again? I’ve really really reaaaaallly been trying so hard. But what you do is contagious-in a bad way.

Keep to your morals Janine.

Keep to your morals.

Don’t ever let someone push you away from them, even if it means losing your friends. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Even if others don’t you don’t have to follow.

You don’t have to follow.

Don’t follow.


Why is it when I do, people tell me not to?



Remember why you chose that name

Keep to your morals Janine

Keep to your morals


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