It’ll be alright🌿


It’ll be alright
All sunshine and soap
Leave it be till the morning light
When dark, just mope

It’ll be alright
Just wait and see
Someday, just maybe someday
You’ll smile without a fee

Are you alright?
You seem too stressed
Your built up frustration
Elevates the angle you depress

It’ll be alright
Just you wait and see
I’ll be alright
Don’t worry about me

I’m still here aren’t I
When you always push me away
I leave for the moment
But I would never go astray

What happened to you
You never do tell me
You say it hurts you
But have you ever thought of thee

I’m more than alright
Though it hurts more than it shows

How indignant you are about this
Really does echo

It’ll be alright
I’m staying unto gear
Break the cycle
And well, I will be here




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