Half a heart💭

If half a heart commits
It’s not a whole heart that permits
Permits you to stand
Wont listen to you be grand

When half a heart commits
Feelings get lost in the abyss
When everybody breaks when trying to unify
And all you do is self glorify

My heart half commits
Because of the people I have to work with
In all the glam and cruelty
I wouldn’t have expected you, I wouldn’t have expected me

To you I do not listen
To you I do not try
And when you see me failing
All you do is stare and “fake cry”

Because we all have different techniques in how to run
Our show
For the drive to glow
But when conflicting and quarrels surface
Will you be able to handle with grace?

I dont entirely trust you
But who am I to say that
People have entrusted you with the high position
And yea, I have to live with that

And so

I’ll try to commit with my other half a heart
To a comm in which will never part
Accept each others we might say
And well, it’s only possible
When you play
by the rules you established.

Prove me wrong, will you not?
Don’t let the willing half rot.

Half a heart commits
The other
we’ll just have to work on that.


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