You’re a puddle of goo

Wow I haven’t written something that doesn’t rhyme every 2 to 3 sentences in the longest time.. Heeheheh sorry y’all had to endure a relapse of Dr Seuss Well so today, I guess I’ve been having mixed feelings😕 hahahaha How do I explain this? There’s this emotion I can’t put my finger on. It’s like […]

This Love💔

This love; will be the death of me. Sounds familiar? Yea, it’s a line from a song. But it doesn’t have the same meaning to it really. This love; will be the death of me. It feels like such a drag, doesn’t it? When all you’ve ever wanted was to sustain. Keep it alive and […]

Half a heart💭

If half a heart commits It’s not a whole heart that permits Permits you to stand Wont listen to you be grand When half a heart commits Feelings get lost in the abyss When everybody breaks when trying to unify And all you do is self glorify My heart half commits Because of the people […]