I would like that very much🍂

What if one day I fall asleep
And never woke up to reality
And in that dream, I’d go places
Where I’ll leave no traces🌍

Faces too demure
Faces too impure
Faces brightly shining like a star🌟
Faces filled up with many scars

All that I ever needed in that dream
Was the freedom to be anyone I wanted to be
No judgement
No fear
No unnecessary comment
No silence deafening in the ear

And patience is a virtue
I have to learn, in my dream
For someone will endue
me, and time will glisten in the stream

In the creaks I will play
And bridges will never lead me astray
No one to tell me who to be
No one to set goals for me to achieve

Fear not of the animals I’ll meet
Fear not of the seashells I’ll keep
Where everything in that dream belongs to me
In my imagination, for me to see

Everyday I’ll watch the sunset
Without worrying about things to vet
And twilight will be the night hound
When all the children sleep sound

In that dream, I’d be someone
Someone to everyone
Not just that girl who didnt really matter
And given a choice, they’d choose the latter

Everyone word I’ll speak will never get swat away
Everything I do, nothing will fray

Not having a string of pearls
To own, and to carry
Yet no group of girls
Will judge, and I’ll be happy

But isnt that the funny thing
How it works on earth?
Everything is counterfeit-ly
And is never possible since birth

Tidal waves that come in
Tidal waves that go
Everything thought that’s caving
Will never be echoed whole

We will never understand why
Why some people just like to make people cry
And how they find pleasure
And they never appreciate treasures

And then we wake up from that dream
Sadden by the lost of euphoria
In reality we do not gleam
For we long yet again for gloria

With that, we wait for the day
Where the sun’ll shine and say hey,
It’s all true, existing on this planet
And here’s some snow, covering like a blanket

Enjoy your time living the dream you’ve always wanted,
Enjoy your time and your lunch,
For paradise has been faithfully granted
And don’t treat yourself too harsh

I would like that, very much🌍



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