Thank you, really


Thank youu
Thank you for everything
Thank you for the past
Thank you for the present
Thank you for the impending future
Thank you for the chance to start anew

I do hope we don’t repeat the same mistakes
Me especially
Cuz that isn’t fair to you

There’s that quote aloof
That writes “you’ll never know if you never try”
And odds are high
For it to fail yet again
Yet you took the chance
And steady as we go, we’ll fly

Well so thank you once again
I was about to give up
No, scratch that
I never felt like giving up
I just was slipping off the edge of hope

Like redemption couldn’t come easily
Well it did in our instance
Gracefully, it landed on my shoulder
As it whispers, “round two”

So just like grace the butterfly
Gently landing on the hopeless
I dream
And hope
Just pray
That this time

This time, it’s going to work out right
And on my part
Thank you for the second chance
I’ll treasure it with my heart

Really:) 🙏



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