Edusystems and it’s weapons

{if it confuses you, lemme explain. I wrote this like a week ago but never really had the mood to finish the last part of this post. So I’m 10 or so days late, and my frustration has died down. But I really want to voice it out because it bothers me still. I’m sorry if it comes across as snobby and all, but my opinions, my blog, my rant:) }

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote on my blog. So it’s been abt 15 days into the new year? Guess what, it already sucks.

So much has happened. So much has changed. So much has… Affected me alot.

Well on a positive note I did have a really nice bdayy:) the birthday curse decided not to come hahahah. It was more of like a post curse…

And then the post curse came. Yeap the day after my bdayy. I havent really talked to anyone abt it cuz… People keep interrupting my train of thoughts. I’ve learnt to overview the things I want to say, and then If I tell people they’ll underreact or worse. Just say okayy and continue like I din mean anything.

But like it’s a taboo topic really. If you had asked me personally, I’d rather tell it because you’re interested in listening to this ((not so interesting but yet affects me)) topic. I’ll call it a Janine topic. A topic only I seem to relate to it most.

The reason why this post isnt really related to peter pan or any themes and all is cuz…
I cant seem to find a link.
Aint nobody got time for that:)

But the main point of this blogpost is really abt how people overreact or underreact or even worse… Give you a lecture.

Have you been in a situation where you ask your parents a simple ques and you get a lecture instead. It’s been happening SOOOO much to me recently. But today’s one got to me pretty badly because I wasnt in the mood for a lecture. I just wanted someone to hear me out, let me get it out of my chest and then move on.

Well so 2014 ((hahahah I typed 2013)) is an extra super duper uberrr stressful year for choir. We have like 4 performances before the end of june, and a slovakia tour:)
Freaking bloody thing is…. THE TOUR GOT CANCELLED. And now is the perfect time for people to just shut off because That’s what they always do.

I was really really realllllyyy looking forward to the tour. REALLY! My mum recently told me I’ve been spending more time on choir than I shld. Well mummy, that’s a first. Usually it’s like “dont be so study oriented, co curriculum activities are vital for your growth” ~ MOE
Well guess what MOE. Not everyone can be an all rounder. Not everyone can compete with the standards in Singapore. If given the chance, I BET 7 out of 10 students would rather choose education systems that are less rugged, less competitive and ACTUALLY DEVELOPS US HOLISTICALLY. We, the students of Singapore are driven by exams. By encouraging us to be all rounder, do you provide us resources to do well?

NOT ONLY THAT. As we climb the education hierarchy and some entering elite tertiary institutes, we have a ridiculous amount of homework. Think about this. Who’s gonna care if you burned the midnight oil to complete a task since you had noooo time to finish it in the afternoon? Will your employers think it’s crucial for a job interview? I get how homework helps us… But ladies and gentlement. Please highlight the keyword helps. In this day and age, homework doesn’t help us. Instead it kills us. Kills our mojo and attitude towards learning.

Also, Singapore’s education is really interesting. As students, we’re expected to get good grades, excel in CCAs, hold leadership positions, top notch attitudes and best of all, pursue our interest when we’re young. But time’s an enemy the government can never understand. You’re not giving us resources? Fine. Let us do it by ourselves. But you’re not letting us have time to do ANY of these things.

And how you claim how every child has a potential to excel really disturbs me. It’s true, everyone excels differently. We can be brilliant in arts, a genius in logics, poetic in languages, and so in and so forth. What disgusts me is HOW YOU EXPECT EVERYONE TO BE THE SAME. You’re not letting us students grow.. You’re tightening up on us, restricting us to actually learn. Forcing ourselves to be this way when really, we dont want to.

I have a friend. He recently received his O levels result and he was really disappointed because he expected alot more from himself. He’s really brilliant, and considering all the lemons life threw him in 2013, he still emerged victorious. And then his score… His score lost him a scholarship, limited his places in the tertiary level. Why should just a meagre score determine his brilliancy, when he’s capable of doing so much more?

You aren’t educating the young. You’re raising robots.

“We provide a holistic education and foster a sense of belonging to every child in Singapore”

An ambition to be questioned. An ambition which contradicts the situation. An ambition unreachable. The system spoils those brilliantly talented, we’ve got no space to grow.

We children are really like sunflowers. We need space to grow around, maybe in a garden where anything is possible. Instead, you put us in a cylinder, a cylinder which is pitched dark, which stunts our growth, our actual potential. Those that actually make it, are they really the winners?

{I’m sorry If this really bothers you, but it bothers me. Education cant ruin the young anymore.}

Cheerio, :*


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