Goodbye 2013πŸ‘‹

Goodbye 2013πŸ‘‹

As I enter the last 22 hours of 2013, I’d just like to say 13 things I’ve really learnt abt this year/ enjoyed/ hated/cried over:
Tarry a little, twenty thirteen.✊

One. {bonding as a class}
I can’t believe 2 years passed by as a class. And we’ve grown SO much. SO MUCH AS A CLASS. From being dead ducks, and being scolded for poor attendance last year for a maths lesson, I could never have asked for a better class. I doubt I’ll ever forget every single one of you. I doubt any teacher would forget how much we proved them wrong. I doubt there’d be a better 2/1 than 2013’s batch, because we’re just too wonderful for youπŸ’•


Two. {becoming a section leader}
I’m sure many of you don’t know this but in 2013 I became a section leader. Most of y’all will be like “so what? It’s just a section leader” NO. You don’t know how it feels like as someone who isn’t sure she belongs, and then poomf she gets thrown into the front, made to lead the section, and no one there to guide her.
It’s a shot in the dark, and right at my throat.
In a way I was lost,(still am) and in a way I’m still prodding the ground to see if I’d fall. Nevertheless, it’s an eye opener. To be in comm. To be upfront. One wrong move and the fragility of the section will come tumbling down.

Bridgyy, Ashiee, Janinii, Ayumehh, Laulenn, Lennyy
I just can’t even.
You guys are the best thing that’s happened to me in the whole of 2013.
Mondays will never be better than those spent with you guys

Three. {To Bridgyy: MY STUBBORN MAMA}
Bridgyy you know you’re damn smart and sometimes I think I’m too dumb to be standing near you but seriously WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT A COCKATOO IS. You’ve stuck with me through late night talks, and I’ve stuck through your constant spazzing abt benny and tahm and matt and tumblr and john green. I still owe you Koi or maybe drink tea? Hahahha ILY okayy you’ve been a friend who’s there since sec one ILY😚

Four. {To Ashiee: THE MEAN ONE }
Ewwww I still can’t believe you’re in my class LIKE EWWW. Okayy hate aside, you know that we’re inseparable, invincible and we’ve been through alot of shit together and like look at us! If we survived 2 years together, another 2 won’t kill us;) please please please remember, even if I push you away next year, promise me you’ll always be there to catch me, promise me you’ll stay:( I’ll pinkie promise you I’ll never leave, because what we have is a hate-love relationship… No one else can understand. Please dun be so mean to me esp if i’m pmsing. ILY YEECHI πŸ’•

WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING TALENTED IN EVERYTHING UGH. Acting, dancing, singing, is there nothing you can’t do? Hahahah We went through one whole week of nonsense together okayy! Or was it 2? Hmmm hahaha and like when they were in aussie, I’m so sorry I was a depressing asshole 99.99% of the time:( and you were always there to cheer me up, except when I ate. Thanks for always giving me the last bite of your onigiri, though there’s really little salmon:( πŸ˜”STILL LOVE YOU

Lauren I’d just like to honestly say If my bitchy self was stuck in 2012, I’d never had imagined us to come this far. YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH MY BULLSHIT AND EVERYDAY I LIVE WITH REGRET. I love you alot okayy:”) yknow at the start of the year I thought like 2012 would repeat itself but I guess both of us pulled our heads out of our world, became friends yet again, and yknow… BAJALL! I love you ukulele budddy!! Hahahah you’re the only one who doesn’t judge me when I sing on my uke and we’ve also discussed alot of boy troubles too! ILY okayy stay true to yourself, because everyone loves the original Lauren:) πŸ’

YOU CAN NEVER BE MORE RETARDED THAN EVER HAHAHA okayy okayy Lenny, you’re the only one who bothered saying hi on whatsapp, how’s life and all you do is laugh. HAHAHAHAH I’m serious. But you’re also the only one who bothered knowing if I’m bothered, or upset. And remember our bathroom talk? At the ish toilet. I’d never forget that. You’re the only one who really understands me sometimes, so kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadnessπŸ’‹


Eight. {Saying goodbye to a dear friend}
On Sept the 21st, walking up with Par was like a nightmare I’d wish I had more time to prepare. I miss you alot Par:( I miss your thai accent, your victoria secret pencil case, eating with you, snapchatting with you, poledancing with you. You were the only one in the whole entire section I could fully trust, and when we gave each other looks, we’d have this twin telepathy moment. Please come back:( I know you’re going to NZ like now… But… Merlyn’s leaving too… Choir will never be the same without my two bestest friends


Nine. {Cory Monteith}
13 July 2013′. Died a 31 year old. Cory, I still pray for you in my prayers. I still pray for Lea, I pray for the whole Glee cast, I pray for the gleeks, I pray for your family.
Glee would never ever be the same without you. Lea would never be the same. When they say time heals, I guess they overestimate time’s abilities, because it still hurts when I watch a glee episode and you’re not in there. Saddest moments of 2013


Ten. {we got through this as a family}
Mummy and Daddy, if you knew I have a blog I know you’d slaughter me. But the chances of that is low so… Heehehe. Mummy! You got through this monstrous year! The killer PSLE, O’s and streaming. I guess that mine wasn’t as big as the rest, but that’s okayy. Joel needed the extra push to do well in PSLE. Jiejie needed the extra guidance from you and God to get through. You grew lot’s of white hair, and became really thin but now you’ve been healthier:) don’t stress on jiejie’s results okay? She’ll do well. She worked hard.
And Daddy! Without you 2013 would never have been full of surprises and changes. You worked really really hard for the new volvo… And by God’s grace we did get it:) you were really happy abt it and smartcars don’t drive by often:) you also had a recent addiction to amazon but MAYBE ITS LIKE A MID LIFE CRISIS HAHAHAHAHA i’m kidding thank you for offering to buy new stuff but.. I already have what I need:) I don’t think anything more would make me any happier than I am today.


Eleven. {I finally had twitter}
Don’t laugh at me hahhahha I guess twitter got me connected with the world hahahahah well my first tweet was “how does this thing work”

Sad rite I can’t even.

Twelve. {trust}
I guess trust played a major value and virtue this year. I learnt to trust new people, take chances, and know that there’d be people around me to catch me when I fall. Whether it’s talking to a guy from church *coughs*,trusting old friends or just offering up everything you have for 10 mins to God, without trust, i’d never have gotten to where I am today.

It’s gonna be a hectic year ahead.
Choir trip without my 2 best friends.
New leadership roles.
New class.
Separation of BAJALL.
Trying to find who I am.
Feelings of isolation.
I can just imagine 2014 to be a killjoy.

But whatever life brings me, I only pray that I’d have the grace and courage, to open my heart to listen, discern and discover God’s plan and call.

Goodbye 2013 ol’ pal. I’ll miss you. I’ll never forget you.🌾

Happy new year everyone!



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