The Lost Boys (part one)๐Ÿƒ

there’s a continuation to this

Hahahaha well heyy guys how was christmas? ๐ŸŽ„

Mine was unusual… If I really told you how I felt about christmas I think people will start calling me ungrateful and selfish and how I’m such a horrible person and all. ๐Ÿ˜”

So that’s the thing about this topic. Appreciation.

And as of right now people will be thinking: “what the hell is wrong with you Janine. Lost boys= appreciation? Are you like stupid or what…”

Okayy so I’m here to explain to you why it links up in all its glam and cruelty((isnt that phrase nice)) โœจ

The twisted world of neverland isn’t as magical or child-friendly as it seems. I know that, because I watched OUAT ((once upon a time)) {and for some reason I haven’t found anyone who watches it so we can spazz together}
In the dark twisted world of season three, the savior, prince((or originally shepard)), mother, queen, dark one and pirate ((if you understand this reference I LOVE YOU)) all band together to save henry. The season starts with peter pan hunting henry down because he’s a fated lost boy. And in the season before, baelfire was brought in by the shadow to neverland. And in the process he hears the cries of the lost boys. {I’d wish to elaborate but I know I’m boring y’all} ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Basically from watching that episode, it got me to think from a lost boys perspective. How did they end up in neverland anyways? In our childhood version of peterpan ((1951 if i remember correctly)), Wendy sings to the lost boys about how a mother’s love is like. And they reminiscence of their mothers. Or a father if they were alive in the war.

The lost boys are there because they felt like they didn’t need a mother. They wanted freedom, and casted away their lives to live with peter pan. They could’ve stayed as normal kids, like Wendy, Michael and John.

Ungratefulness. Lack of appreciation.

I’ve started to develop these bad habits again. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Like I’d shamelessly say it here: I didn’t like christmas this year. It’s immature of me to say this but I’d expected more. I’d expected a warm lunch with a family that as of right now has alot of tensions. I expected more presents that felt like was from the heart, something that I’d like and not something that is generically bought. I’d expected dinner to be much better, but in the end it all had to end shortly because of an… Emergency.

I know I’m a total asshole. Like I kinda complained to a friend that we weren’t having christmas lunch (initially there wasn’t even any) and he said: I never even had christmas lunch before. It just feels like a normal lunch, except everything becomes more overpriced cuz its the holidays.

That hit me yknow

I feel like an 8year old, wanting everything to go my way. Try to twist it because I dont like it. Appreciation seems like a foreign thing to me. I mean even the birthday post is so… Childish and ungrateful.

Maybe I should be a lost girl. Taught a thing or two yea? Enjoy a life that’ll only go my way for abit. Abandon the things I’ve always had. And when it’s gone…
You miss it.

“You never really know what you have till it’s gone”

I don’t think deep down that I actually appreciate everything I have. Is it a phase of teenagehood? I really want it to go away. Like its really bad for a character’s growth. Greed destroys you, and when you come searching for what you truly need,

you realise…

It’s gone

It was in your hands the whole time

I hope the lost boys feel it. Maybe taking away something you’ve always had will stop the gabberish complaints spewing out like the arrows from Merida’s bow.

It’ll be like rehab? Hahahah as of right now I can’t think of that ideal word.. Hmm. Like dispatchment. Put you in an awkward situation to be taught a thing or two.

I pray to God, that at this time of the year, I’d reflect, and mentally tell myself to appreciate the beauty of life. The luxury of what I have. The roof over my head. The bed I return to every night. The father who gives unnecessary advice. The mother who looks out for us wayy too much. The sister who since young was there. The brother who secretly cares. The grandma who shows tough love.

Because one day… It’s God’s will for it to fade away.

Come to me, in all your glam and cruelty. ๐ŸŒพ

Happy almost New Year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheerio, :*

{Ps. The pic is like the quote I used above. Nothing related}



3 thoughts on “The Lost Boys (part one)๐Ÿƒ

  1. Whoa Janine, I just followed you and I love this post omg. And it’s so true that you only start appreciating things the minute you lose them. And yeah, remember us complaining about our Christmas gifts that day? hahahah I feel so immature right now since so many other people out there don’t even receive one present. :/

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