Goodbye 2013👋

Goodbye 2013👋 As I enter the last 22 hours of 2013, I’d just like to say 13 things I’ve really learnt abt this year/ enjoyed/ hated/cried over: Tarry a little, twenty thirteen.✊ One. {bonding as a class} I can’t believe 2 years passed by as a class. And we’ve grown SO much. SO MUCH AS […]

The Lost Boys (part one)🏃

there’s a continuation to this Hahahaha well heyy guys how was christmas? 🎄 Mine was unusual… If I really told you how I felt about christmas I think people will start calling me ungrateful and selfish and how I’m such a horrible person and all. 😔 So that’s the thing about this topic. Appreciation. And […]

The birthday curse🎂

Well so.. Again this is nothing related to Peter Pan. But I remember mentioning in a post that I’ll write about my birthday. **before that, does anyone realise that I don’t write normal blogposts? I mean they aren’t fantastic. But I link them up with Peter Pan and go so deep and then suddenly resurface […]

The Violin 🎻

**side note** Hahahah this has nothing related to peter pan I write better than I think. Honestly, it opens up a world you can express yourself with. And if you’re lucky, your patient self will do a draft or two, edit it, and idk I guess make it more like literature? Maybe that’s why Lit […]