Growing up

thing is, always stay true to yourself☺️

Okayy as I was looking through my old phone to see what stupid stories I’ve written when I felt lonely, I realised one thing….

Everyone’s changing

Everyone’s growing up

For the better, for the worst.

I mean it’s good to grow up, right? Esp if you mature. And people start getting prettier and down right handsome, but I mean that’s another point.

But like you see everyone changing. It might be gradual, or maybe like a split persona no one knew about. You know, sudden changes?

Okayy wait back to what I found on my old phone…
I found out I was A REAL BITCH. I mean I did know that but IT STILL HAUNTS ME.

Everyday I try my best and I cringe at that memory but recently its been coming back at full force.

And you go… Yuck.

Maybe you wouldn’t know what I’m writing abt but its like… How do I say it.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten back to someone I’m comfortable with. Like from normal to bitchy, to cautiously turning back to normal. And yes I do know everyone has moved on, but what abt when guilt sets in? ((Btw, that’s gonna be another post))

So well I found 1 story I wrote when I was 13. It was about strawberries and immature childlike stuff which is actually pretty funny after awhile. I wrote it for my cath class and like a year on,(6months ago) someone told me to write a sequel.

I did start, but then comparing back to when everyone was so crazy and like now everyone’s distant and idk… A clear segregation.🙊

So bottom line, everyone grows up. Gradually, or split persona, its still a way of life. For good ((in my case)) and for the worst ((another potential blog post))

Thing is, always stay true to yourself☺️

We all possess this certain force that can change the world. So why not impact it as selfless, brave and true as we can? ((PINOCCHIO REFERENCE))

And when peter pan says never grow up, what he means is never go astray with who you are, and be true to your heart.




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