Every road a runway🌾

“Nadia” the girl replied. “It means to have hope for the future”

Heyy guyss so this was a story I wrote when I was 13 about a girl with cancer. And yea pretty amateur + I didn’t proofread it. So I’ll just share it cuz I’m bored hahahh

Please dun diss the story:( I wrote it like a year ago and its soso onlyyy

Every road a runway

Flowers started popping out of the sidewalk. Girls all dressed in floral spring dresses skipped down the cool moist path leading into the horizon. Jaylee Anne kicked a stone at her feet. Maybe it wasn’t a stone, but rather, a pebble. Her eyes sparkled in the afternoon sun. Her romper was full of faded floral patterns. She walked down the runway. “That’s my runway,” she would think to herself. Every road was her runway.

She put her hands in her pockets. Her face was as fair as a model’s complexion. She wore a screaming neon pink beanie. Jaylee Anne just moved from the harsh winter of Canada to the blooming spring of Ohio. “Don’t you think anyone would miss you?” asked her mother. The pride in Jaylee’s eyes was uncatchable. “I doubt so.”

Once in a while, she’d wince at the memory of Canada. Winters turn to spring, springs turn to summer, then autumn, then winter yet again. But back in her former school, she was still the same. The same girl who sat at the table during recess alone. The same girl no one wanted to do projects with. The same girl boys would throw spit balls at her head. The same girl who was taunted at school for having no hair.

She tugged at her beanie at the thought of it. Her eyes stayed shut for a while, and her joyous smile turned into a monotonous line. She dragged her feet and looked up into the sky. Dark clouds started forming, as if they changed according to her mood. She enjoyed drowning herself in self-pity. Self-sympathy would wash over her like a wave from every direction.

Looking around, she saw a back alley that lead to another street she had never explored. As she arrived to the entrance of the alley, she came to a halt. There, she saw a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years of age. The little girl had barely any clothes on and Jaylee presumed she had nothing to her name. But what struck Jaylee Anne the most was that the girl had no hair. Her fully exposed head had not a single strand. The girl, now aware of Jaylee’s presence, started covering her head, trying to get Jaylee’s stare to run away.

For once, Jaylee felt… Sympathetic. Not towards herself for a change. She had always thought she was the one at losing end. To think someone had it worse? “Hello.” She smiled. “Where’s your mummy?” She asked, with a hushed voice. The girl stared at her. After a few moments or so, she then quietly mouthed the words “I don’t know.”

The girl stared hard at the floor. “It’s not her fault…” She whispered after a while. “It’s not her fault I have cancer.” She slowly touched her bare head while doing so. Jaylee looked at the girl. A wave of tears was starting to form. Empathy. This is what it feels like. Jaylee, in the midst of comforting herself, had found the true meaning of being a human.

She remembered what her teacher in Canada taught the class. Booming words such as ‘Empathy’ and ‘Sympathy’ echoed in her mind. She always sat in the front row. “Hey baldie.” The popular guys in her class would call, “Is it me or did you cut your hair?” Day by day, the episodes would continue. Sometimes she would blame her mum for her cancer, although she knew that her mother was not the reason.

She looked back at the girl. The girl told her quietly, “Daddy always said I was ‘good for nothing’. Mummy begged to differ. She was a smart mummy. She spent a lot of money bringing me to the doctor.” Jaylee listened to her new friend with interest. “I don’t know where mummy is now. She would come back later. She said she would never leave me alone.”

The girl then started rubbing her head again. Jaylee, knowing how insecure she felt, took off her beanie. “Look,” she said to the girl. “I have no hair either” she smiled as she said so. For a long time, Jaylee felt happy she had found someone who understands her. She felt all warm and fuzzy inside and outside. “Here you go, you can have my beanie.” Jaylee extended her hand which clutched her beanie. The girl’s face lit up. “Thankyou” was what the girl’s smile read. “No, thankyou for letting me see the real meaning of being a human.” The girl opened her arms wide and gave Jaylee a hug.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me your name.” Jaylee asked before leaving. “Nadia”, the girl replied. “It means to have hope for the future.” Jaylee looked back at her new friend, with a new sense of pride. Promising she would visit Nadia again, she hugged her a second time.

Exiting the alley, Jaylee looked around. The sky was clustered with the rosiest clouds she had ever seen. Flowers started popping out of the sidewalk. She had never thought that the faded floral patterns on her romper looked so bold and lively. Every road looked like a new runway ready to be explored.

~The End~


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