How long is forever?

Maybe I’m not qualified to say this but…. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea you’ve had. Can we start over? It’s like I’m perpetually stuck in reverse. I can’t move forward before moving back. And if I don’t look back on the past, where am I gonna find the memories made?

Like idk… Everything’s changing. Really fast. And some situations, really slow. They’re beyond your control, and you can’t do much about it. Except stare at it. And through your mind comes a million thoughts and worries and regrets and reflections and laughter and joy and sadness and worst of all. Pain.

Do you have those kind of memories that you’d rather crumple up into a paper ball, and store it in the back of your mind? Like personally, I’d keep the second part of 2012 in a paper ball and incinerate it. Stab it to death. But stabbing won’t kill the memory or mistakes… Will it?

Idk… Everyone’s drifting away. Maybe it isn’t exactly obvious now, and everyone’s all like “OMG nooo we’ll never drift apart. We’ll be together forever”

How long is forever anyways?

One month? Forever’s just an overrated word…. As of right now…

Are we all gonna last forever?

I mean… Why not treasure the time we have right now than worry abt the future later?




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