Growing up

thing is, always stay true to yourself☺️ Okayy as I was looking through my old phone to see what stupid stories I’ve written when I felt lonely, I realised one thing…. Everyone’s changing Everyone’s growing up For the better, for the worst. I mean it’s good to grow up, right? Esp if you mature. And […]

How long is forever?

Maybe I’m not qualified to say this but…. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea you’ve had. Can we start over? It’s like I’m perpetually stuck in reverse. I can’t move forward before moving back. And if I don’t look back on the past, where am I gonna find the memories made? Like idk… Everything’s changing. […]

Where exactly is Neverland?

That’s a good question actually Well, I’ve always been fascinated with the characters on Peter Pan. Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook, The lost boys etc etc. And the themes surrounding it.. Love, friendship, unity, blahblahblah So abit about me… I’m Janine. Marie’s my middle name. I guess there’s a few Janine Marie’s in the world. It […]